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Weekly Announcements

Weekly Announcements

I’m afraid that I still cannot predict when we will be able to re-start worshipping together here. I am encouraged that the vaccination is becoming available and that the infection numbers and hospitalization numbers are coming down some.

What troubles me is that I have had several close friends die from the Virus recently and a handful more become seriously ill. For now, it is better that we ere on the side of caution.

There are a number of birthdays being celebrated this week among our church family:

Jean Breed’s birthday is Sunday, January 24th.

Shaggie Lewis’ birthday is Monday, the 25th,

My brother Paul celebrates a birthday on Tuesday, the 26th, and church friend Donna Savage’s birthday is on Wednesday the 27th.

I got to see Shanti Ponder recently. She’s growing up on us! Shanti’s birthday is coming up on Sunday the 31st, as is Cheyenne Trisler’s birthday.

I know that our personal finances can be tight right now. But, as you consider the causes that you would like to donate to, please remember West Tulsa UMC. We are doing our best to persevere through this unyielding pandemic, but we need your financial support to do that.

The church address is 1923 S. Phoenix Ave, Tulsa 74107.